Business in China

For many reasons, China’s economy is called Chinese dragon. Rapidly growing market in China attracts companies all around the world. Chinese industry belongs to the most advanced in the world today and that is why many world’s leading companies have moved their production to this territory.

It is not easy to get on the Chinese market but we offer services that will make it much easier for you. We founded a subsidiary company with local employees in China that helps to coordinate our activities and is also ready to help you.

Our services

Wholesale purchase

Wholesale purchase of goods from Chinese factories belongs to the most used business opportunities in China. Based on your request, we will find a factory that produces goods in required quality and price.

If you want to differentiate yourselves on the market, we can provide products with your own brand. Based on the agreement, we monitor the entire production process up to the final loading of goods. 

Manufacturing tailored products

Lots of world’s leading companies have moved their production to the Chinese territory. The reason is clear, production costs are much lower in China. Many factories in China produces tailored products which meet customer’s specification.

We will find the right factory for you and arrange everything needed. In the case you found a factory yourselves, we are able to check the supplier and quality of his products right in the field. We are able to monitor and control the entire production process.

Export to China

Not everyone wants to import goods from China. Many businessmen have the opposite interest and want to penetrate the huge Chinese market with their own product. In that case, we can help you in several ways.

We can analyse business opportunities for you and address suitable business partners. We can arrange marketing promotion in China including e.g. organisation of a trade fair. Also we can help you with a foundation of your own company directly in China.

Arranging travel matters

Do you want to visit your business partner in person or attend a trade fair in China but need help? No problem for us.

We will arrange visa, flight tickets, and accommodation right in China. We also have native speakers available to you during your visit.

Trade fairs

Trade fairs are very popular these days in China so it is no wonder that also many Czech companies are interested in them. You can attend a trade fair as a visitor or as an exhibitor.

The visitor will appreciate services we provide within travel matters such as visa, flight tickets, accommodation arrangement or services of a native speaker. For exhibitors, we can do even more. We can provide translations of marketing materials into Chinese, Chinese hostesses and assistants for your booth, transport of all materials to the place of a trade fair.

Translation and interpreting

Our team contains native speakers from the Czech Republic, China and the United States of America. Therefore, we do not have a problem to translate documents among Czech, English and Chinese.

We also offer interpreter service right in China. A native speaker will interpret from Chinese into English.

About us

We are a Czech company devoted to security technology wholesale and development of on-line web applications related to security. As a part of our business, we have gained a lot of experience with the Chinese market from both positions – the position of those who import goods from China, and the position of those who have already got on Chinese market with their own products.
For easier business with Chinese companies, we founded a subsidiary company with local employees in China. They have experience with Chinese business worldwide and they are ready to help you to make your dreams come true.

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